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iConferenceSystem VoIP Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Collaboration Suite

iConferenceSystem is an affordable, professional quality, real-time desktop solution for conferencing, collaboration and content delivery.

iConferenceSystem VoIP, Video and Collaboration Suite, allows users to participate in, present to, or moderate an online meeting /presentation using the professional multi-media features within iConferenceSystem.

A key feature and benefit of iConferenceSystem is that there is NO DETERIORATION of audio or video quality regardless of number of attendees.

Unlike many other systems / companies that offer this level of collaboration features, there are no per minute charges to the user or attendees. No telephone dial in is required.

Presenters and moderators are not required to preload images to a server... Select one of the iConferenceSystem CL desktop collaboration modes for content presentations of ANY PC application to your audience. Send either a single snapshot of any content on your desktop, or send a rapid series of incremental snapshots of ANY presentation, application, or window to update dynamic content.


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"iConferenceSystem is the most powerful training tool in my arsenal. I wouldn't dream of doing coaching, training or interviews without it." Debbi Bressler, Editor TheHomeBusinessReview.com

iConferenceSystem CL software redefines the desktop, turning any PC into a rich-media communication system for delivering online events to just a few, or to thousands of users. Simply put, use iConferenceSystem CL for live meetings, online training, for distance learning or webcasts, all from your desktop!

iConferenceSystem has many exceptional features and flexibility for both presenters and attendees... By downloading the simple iConferenceSystem CL self-installing application you and your attendees have the ability to access it's fantastic features.
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iConferenceSystem Features:

  • High-Quality Voice and Video

  • Share ANY Desktop Application

  • Hi-Fi Settings for Music

  • Multi Web Cam

  • Text Chat

  • Whiteboard

  • Co-Browse Any Website

  • Text to Speech

  • Presentation Pointer

  • Sound Effects and Emotions

  • Meeting Record

  • Transcript Record

  • Break out session to private additional room with full features

  • 56k Dial up, DSL or Cable compatible

  • Invite attendees via Web Browser or Peer-to-Peer access

Browser Access Option For Attendees

Most other conferencing systems give you the option of either a web-based internet browser system or a peer-to-peer software download system. (Both have their individual benefits) iConferenceSystem gives you the benefit of BOTH!

Room owners have the option to invite guests to their meeting by either downloading the iConferenceSystem CL software, OR via the browser application.

Attendees wishing to only view and listen to a meeting /webinar / training can attend an iConferenceSystem meeting via a standard web browser. Learn MORE

Please Note: Attendees wishing to have or require voice participation facilities are required to download the iConferenceSystem CL software.

Purchasing iConferenceSystem

3, 5, 10,  25, 50 and 100 seat rooms are available for immediate purchase online.
iConferenceSystem has unlimited seat capability. Clients requiring room capacities in excess of 100 seats should complete the Online Enquiry Form.
A company representative will contact you to discuss your requirements.