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Powerful Moderator Functions and Controls



The CL software enables room owners / moderators to open and access their meeting room from any PC with an internet connection.

It also enables attendees to enter your meeting room with full participation ability and enjoy the many multimedia and collaboration features. Go to features page

As a room owner / moderator you can utilize all the fantastic features of iConferenceSystem to present your meeting / presentation / training or webinar.

Moderators can also invite individuals into private 'break out' sessions and utilize the full functions of iConferenceSystem whilst still moderating / participating in the main meeting.

Moderators also have 'visibility of guests' control 'eject' and private messaging functions.

Room Access

Guests can access your room using the software or web browser system via:

  • The personalized webpage we provide for you

  • Your own website ( we provide simple instructions on how to do this)

  • A email message with links to download software and room entry

  • Your room password (if needed) can be changed at any time from your online control panel

Room Controls

Moderators have total control of the functionality attendees have within the iConferenceSystem room. Using the session control bar and other moderator controls you can enable/disable the functions attendees can utilize.

  • Microphone

  • Text Chat

  • Web Cameras

  • Desktop Application Transmission

  • Audio Record

  • Follow Me Browser

  • Gimmickry (sound effects)

  • Emoticons

  • Private messaging

  • Whiteboard

Microphone Setting Options

Moderators can choose to set the room microphone setting for Guests to 'Duplex'  (Hands free conferencing)  or Push to Talk, giving you total control and flexibility.

Moderators can also change quality and bandwith settings to enable HI FI music.