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iConferenceSystem-Connect - Access via Browser and Java


What's New!

Stop Press! November 19th 2007  New version of iConference software released. New video compression technology gives improved video speed and quality. New full meeting record and playback functions. New look to software interface.


iConferenceSystem-Connect is one of the two ways of entering an iConferenceSystem meeting. It is an additional feature of the Conference system

iConferenceSystem-Connect is ideal for customer support or web broadcasts /webinars

iConferenceSystem-Connect is a browser based application and therefore does not require users to download the iConference software to access a meeting room.

To invite an attendee to your meeting via iConferenceSystem-Connect you simply send them to your website, or a link installed on your own personal/company website or email and request them to click on the "Enter Room" button or link (You will need to inform them of the password if you have password protected it)


You are able to promote your personal or company conference room using the iConferenceSystem-Connect feature. Attendees have fast access to your event or meeting. No software download is required.

When clicked on, the "Enter Room" access button or link opens a browser that runs a Java applet and connects the person to your conference room. iConferenceSystem-Connect users have listening, view video and desktop applications, co-browsing and text chat ability. Guests requiring voice capability need to download the CL software. The iConferenceSystem-Connect user enters a room moderated by a CL software user .

iConferenceSystem-Connect Features:

Browser Access from "Enter Room" link
Simple User Interface
Listen to Audio Presentations
Text Chat
View Web Cam (s) / Video
View Desk Top Applications (e.g. PowerPoint)
Co Browse Web pages
Dial-up, ISDN and satellite connections should download the CL software.